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Apollo HarmonyEdit

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Bastia HarmonyEdit

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Blaze HarmonyEdit

Blaze Hephaestus Harmony was born the eldest son of Apollo and Bastia Harmony. The older brothers of Blair Harmony and Dance Barker, he attended Hogwarts as a Gryffindor. Playing on the Quidditch as a Beater, he excelled more at meeting girls than his studies. After graduation, along with his best friend, Seraphim DeLuca, the two trained as Aurors under the leadership of Alastor Moody. After three painful years of study, Blaze quickly rose to the top of the Auror department. His name soon became known throughout the Ministry for his hard work and dedication. He soon would partner with Seraphim as Deputy Auror at only 27 years of age, which was the youngest any Deputy Auror had been since the department had been created.
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After his promotion, he and Dance moved into Element Lane with Seraphim and his sister Erela DeLuca. Blaze was quickly finding himself attracted to Erela, and after a hidden relationship with her, the two began publicy dating. Their relationship was far from easy. From vampires to Death Eaters, the two of them proved their love to one another repeatedly. No obstacle seemed more challenging, than Ivan Nikolov, who had developed a vengence against Blaze and Seraphim. Using Erela as revenge, he was thwarted by the two Aurors, not before he'd cast a dark curse on Erela, that made her extremely weak. With the help of Santana Magic, she was able to be healed, but Blaze was advised not to have children with her.

They got married in June of the following year, and while they had wanted their wedding to be a perfect symbol of their love, it was once again tainted by the Dark Arts. Nikolov returned to attempt to murder Erela, but Blaze stopped him before anything happened by killing him himself.